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Journey Stories
Tuesday, July 24 through Saturday July 28, 2014

Ohio Chautauqua is sponsored and presented by the Ohio Humanities Council. It will be hosted locally by the Tribune Chronicle and the Warren-Trumbull County Public Library and is in partnership with The Trumbull 100 and the Trumbull County Tourism Bureau.

Address: Kinsman House 303 Mahoning Ave. Warren, Ohio

Workshops will be held at the Library
Evening performances will be held at the red-and-white striped tent.



Combining Living History, Music, Entertainment, Education and Audience Interaction

Edith Russell

Henry David

J. Goldsboroug

Martin Luther King

Olive Ann Oatman

For more information call 330-841-1696 or 330-399-8807 ext. 128.
Or visit: The Ohio Humanities Councle - Ohio Chautauqua Site

Ohio Chautauqua's Sponsor Corner:

Also supported by the Warren Library Association


Schedule of Events

11 a.m. Youth Workshop: "Eyes to the West," with Dianne Moran
2 p.m. Adult Workshop: "Titanic Surprises," with Debra Conner
6:30 p.m. Musical Entertainment: Bill Lewis - banjo
7:30 p.m. 1849'er J.G. Bruff, portrayed by Hank Fincken

11 a.m. Youth Workshop: "Picturing Nature," with Kevin Radaker
2 p.m. Adult Workshop: "Dr. King's Last Great Dream," with Marvin Jefferson
6:30 p.m. Musical Entertainment: Hal Walker - singer/multi-instrumentalist
7:30 p.m. Indian Captive Olive Anne Oatman, portrayed by Dianne Moran

11 a.m. Youth Workshop: "Carried Away," with Debra Conner
2 p.m. Adult Workshop: "The California Trail," with Hank Fincken
6:30 p.m.Musical Entertainment: Stephen Foster Chorus
7:30 p.m. Writer and Philosopher Henry David Thoreau, portrayed by Kevin Radaker

11 a.m. Youth Workshop: "The Power of the Written Word," with Marvin Jefferson
2 p.m. Adult Workshop: "Thoreau's Passion for the Wild," with Kevin Radaker
6:30 p.m. Musical Entertainment: Karen Barker - violin/fiddle
7:30 p.m. Titanic Survivor Edith Russell, portrayed by Debra Conner

11 a.m. Youth Workshop: "Gold Fever," with Hank Fincken
2 p.m. Adult Workshop: "A Profound Destiny," with Dianne Moran
6:30 p.m. Musical Entertainment: Judith Callion - vocalist
7:30 p.m. Civil Rights Leader Martin Luther King Jr.,portrayed by Marvin Jefferson

*Youth and adult workshops will be held at the Warren-Trumbull County Public Library,
444 Mahoning Ave. NW, Warren.
Musical entertainment and evening performances will be held under a red-and-white striped tent located near 321 Mahoning Ave. NW, downtown Warren.

OHIO CHAUTAUQUA is sponsored and presented by Ohio Humanities. It is hosted locally by the Tribune Chronicle and the Warren-Trumbull County Public Library and is in partnership with Trumbull 100 and the Trumbull County Tourism Bureau, with support from the Warren Library Association.



Ohio Chautauqua 2014: Journey Stories
aytime Workshops For youths and adults

Workshops are not living history performances and are presented by each scholar out of character.
Youth programs are for ages 8 and above. 
All youth and adult workshops will be held at the Warren-Trumbull County Public Library, 444 Mahoning Ave. NW, Warren.


11 a.m. Youth Workshop: “Eyes to the West,” with Dianne Moran
This interactive program will draw you into the magic of long ago. Dianne begins the program dressed as a wagon train woman who reminisces about her journey. A display of wagon train era items, Native American items, and two live animals enhance your enjoyment. Participants try to identify the display objects while others dress as wagon train children and Native American children. The live animals – a hairy tarantula and a snake – may seem a little creepy, but they would have been commonly seen on the trip west.

2 p.m. Adult Workshop: “Titanic Surprises,” with Debra Conner
There are no spoilers with the Titanic story. Everyone knows what happens. But there are many little known facts, anecdotes, and stories associated with the doomed ship.  For example, did you know that the ship’s fourth smokestack was a fake, designed to make the ship look more impressive? Did you know that Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio reportedly paid for the nursing home expenses of a 97-year-old Titanic survivor? On a more serious level, we’ll discuss why this maritime disaster continues to fascinate. There’s more to the story than you ever imagined. 


11 a.m. Youth Workshop: “Picturing Nature,” with Kevin Radaker
Henry David Thoreau could make the most ordinary events seem extraordinary. In this workshop, we will read some short descriptive passages from Thoreau’s Walden, which celebrate the natural world while describing scenes such as using an axe to chop trees or watching the antics of a red squirrel as he feeds on corn. The participants will then have the chance to illustrate one of their favorite scenes – or, perhaps, write a descriptive passage about an event they have personally experienced.

2 p.m. Adult Workshop: “Dr. King’s Last Great Dream,” with Marvin Jefferson
As a pastor and Civil Rights leader, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was dedicated to helping “the least of these.”  King believed that a radical plan to abolish income inequality and change the economic structure of the country was needed. He developed the Poor People’s Campaign, designed to use civil disobedience to shut down the government. In this workshop, we will watch a few pivotal moments from the documentary “Citizen King,” while engaging in a lively discussion of this controversial plan of action. Times have changed. Has Dr. King’s message?


11 a.m. Youth Workshop: “Carried Away,” with Debra Conner
At the turn of the century, travel art became a true art form. Travel posters, post cards, and luggage stickers promoted hotels, trains, and ocean liners like the Titanic. We’ll look at examples of these for inspiration and then create our own travel art. 

Debra will also read aloud the children’s story “Pig On the Titanic” by Gary Crew, which tells the story of Edith Russell and her musical pig.    

2 p.m. Adult Workshop: “The California Trail – Then and Now,” with Hank Fincken
This workshop features a slide presentation of Hank’s three trips along the California Trail. Hank will share the landmarks and trail ruts, discussing issues that the 1849ers thought were important. Participants will also explore the origins of Manifest Destiny, the differences between the Oregon Trail and the California Trail, the beginning and end of the gold rush, and how the image of 1849ers has changed over the years. If life is a journey, then the California Trail is a guidebook for those traveling both then and now.       


11 a.m. Youth Workshop: “The Power of the Written Word,” with Marvin Jefferson
Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. understood that young people play an important role in bringing about change. He also realized that the written word is a powerful tool. In this workshop, we will take a look at King’s “Letter from a Birmingham Jail,” as well as some letters written by young people throughout history. We will brainstorm to create a list of issues that are important to young people today, and participants will be encouraged to write a letter that addresses their concerns. Discover why the pen is mightier than the sword!

2 p.m. Adult Workshop: “Thoreau’s Passion for the Wild and Wilderness,” with Kevin Radaker
During the 1850s, Thoreau presented an exuberant defense of the wild and wilderness, especially in his essays “Walking” and “Chesuncook.”  Although Thoreau could not directly address 21st century concerns such as drilling in National Parks or the Clean Air Act, this program will explain how his words anticipated the ideology of the wilderness preservation movement and contemporary environmentalism. Key passages from Thoreau’s writings will be provided to allow further reflection on the topic.


11 a.m. Youth Workshop: “Gold Fever,” with Hank Fincken
The California Gold Rush was a young man’s game. What was it that made so many from Ohio want to go? In this workshop, participants will discover why thousands of people were willing to risk the dangers of a six-month journey across the continent. We begin by examining the evidence of gold as it was presented in 1848, and debate whether it is wiser to go or stay behind. We then consider some of the dangers on the trail west and decide how to prepare. Bruff led his men in training exercises at a local park to get ready for the journey. Hank will conduct theatre games that teach observation skills. We’ll all be set should gold fever strike again!         

2 p.m. Adult Workshop: “A Profound Destiny,” with Dianne Moran
Dianne will share some tales of the captivity of both settlers and native people from the 17th through 19th centuries. Olive Oatman’s personal story is like many of these first-hand accounts. Throughout the historical record, we find similar reasons for attacks, kidnappings, and killings. A closer look at boundaries changed by wars, westward expansion, and general attitudes of Americans toward Native peoples will bring us closer to an understanding of why the brutality existed. A display of settler and Native American cultural items is highlighted.